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Civil Engineering

SOSIAC provides a broad range of civil engineering services in support of public works agencies, transportation departments, and private clients. We have experience in all phases of planning, design, construction, and operation for water, wastewater, dams, and transportation infrastructure projects. SOSIAC is knowledgeable in public outreach and stakeholder coordination for large, complex, and multi-phase infrastructure repair and new construction projects.


Our projects incorporate resilient measures and features to support efficient asset management. 

Our civil engineering projects include:

- Coastal resilient infrastructure
- Water and wastewater systems
- Ports, harbors, and waterfront
- Roadway and highway design
- Bridges
- Airports and aviation
- Landfill design
- Traffic control, safety, and signal design
- Utilities design and coordination
- Stormwater management and spill containment
- Seismic and structural assessments
- Surveying and mapping, including advanced aerial photogrammetry 



Architecture captures our ideas, inspires our spirit, motivates and enhances our productivity, and becomes part of the fabric of our lives. At SOSIAC, we make great design available to all who seek it. Our architects have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help shape our communities, serve our customers, and promote a higher purpose for our buildings. We strive to realize the client’s vision in every project we undertake.

SOSIAC's architects are committed to delivering creative and innovative solutions, maximizing resource efficiency, incorporating flexibility and sustainability, and achieving highly effective built environments. Our architects work collaboratively with our in-house engineers to integrate multi-disciplinary design solutions. The result is greater design and process efficiency, higher quality solutions, in-depth alternative analysis, reliable cost and schedule control, and rapid response to our clients’ needs and expectations.

- Programming
- Sustainability and resource efficiency planning
- Facility planning
- Design
- Space planning
- Interior design
- Construction documentation and administration
- Facility condition assessment

Geotechnical Engineering

With a lot of geotechnical engineers, soils technicians, and drillers on staff, SOSIAC is one of the largest firms based in the caribean area, providing geotechnical solutions worldwide. We use state-of-practice techniques and test procedures to investigate, analyze, and develop geotechnical engineering recommendations and designs for simple to complex problems relating to groundwater, soil, or rock.

- Site investigation
- Foundation investigations and design
- Geohydrology
- Permafrost engineering and geothermal analysis
- Geologic hazard identification
- Avalanche and rockfall evaluations
- Seismic hazard evaluations and earthquake engineering
- Assessment and design of earth and rock fill dams
- Sedimentation control studies
- Engineering risk assessment
- Slope stability analysis
- Slope remediation and reclamation
- Granular resource evaluations
- Dewatering and seepage analysis
- Geotechnical laboratory testing
- Contaminated land investigation, risk assessments, remedial works design, and validation
- Corridor route evaluations for roads, railways, and pipelines
- Design of road, railway, and airstrip embankments
- Soil-pipe interaction design guidance for pipelines and hydrocarbon well casings
- Waste facilities design
- Construction quality assurance
- Construction material evaluations
- Value engineering to optimize design
- Expert witness services

SOSIAC's geotechnical engineering team complements specialized expertise with knowledge of local and regional regulations and conditions. 

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