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September, 5 2019: Investment form to potential investors of SIGETIC. Please click in this below link


August 23, 2019: We hereby inform  that SOSIAC is become in the 2nd place for the Caribbean and Latina America and 3th worldwide in the GSE Contest. This competition was organize by GLOBAL STARTUP ECOSYSTEM.


August 19, 2019: Official launch for October 04 , 2019 of the SIGETIC's project in the Caribbean's area, especially  at  Best Western Premier hotel, Haiti.


January 10, 2019: Launch of the pre-launch phases of the SIGETIC project

SIGETIC is a management software developed by the technology department of SOSIAC.

This technological tool aims to work in the management of various operations such as: Management of accounting operations, tax, human resources, budget, payroll and inventory. It is programmed in several languages, English French and Spanish. SIGETIC can be marketed in more than 100 countries around the world. This is the first in the software development industry in the Caribbean regions.  At this date, SIGETIC is also the only management software that offers all this range of operational services around the world.  SIGETIC also aims to strengthen the local capacities of its client categories such as NGOs, Governments, public and private companies.



November 15th, 2018: UNDP HAITI and SOSIAC inauguration's

Inauguration of the MINA's Communal Market construction project in Mirebalais on November 15, 2018. This project was executed by SOSIAC and created more than 650 jobs during a period of 5 months. The participation of women in the realization of works in this said project reached a rate of more than 30%.


November 10, 2018: SOSIAC Partnership

SOSIAC partnership's and Other Investors in the Agricultural Production Project on a 300 hectare Farm in the Central Plateau Region, HAITI

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